Are you allowed to work in Denmark? Work Permits explained.

For nationals of countries outside of the EU/EFTA area a work permit and visa are essential in order to live and work in Denmark. Several schemes exist that make it easier to gain a visa and work permit if you fit into certain criteria, these schemes are outlined below:

The Greencard Scheme – This makes it possible for highly qualified professionals to come and work in Denmark

The Positive List – This is a list of professions that have a high demand for employees in Denmark. If you have been offered a job in one of these industries it will be easy to gain access to the labour market

The Pay Limit Scheme – This gives people who have been offered highly paid work with a salary above a certain limit easy access to the labour market

The Corporate Scheme – Allows employees of a company based outside of Denmark to be positioned in the company’s Danish office, or indeed a subsidiary or sister company for a defined period of time
Alternatively in some cases if there is no one from the EU or of Danish nationality available for a particular role the Danish Agency for Labour Retention may allow a worker to take employment in the country.

For more information about the schemes outlined above and to apply for a work permit visit the ‘New to Denmark’ website -
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